The Ultimate Fancy Pedigree









1998 Sorrel Overo Stallion
00474329, AQHA #4618116

Mr Fancy Bonanza

(APHA)76801, Double Registered APHA/AQHA, Chestnut Overo, Reserve World Champion, World/Congress Champion Sire


Mr Supreme Bonanza

(QH) 1348796  Bay

Trouble Bonanza

(QH) 947738  Chestnut

Coys Bonanza

(QH) 0143099  Sorrel

Trouble Step

(QH) 0256166 Sorrel


(QH) 356876  Bay

Billy Bull

(QH) 0072144 Brown

Donna Bee

(QH) 0032512 Brown

A Real Lover

(QH) 1227478  Chestnut

Real Luck

(QH) 544643  Sorrel

Beatle Luck

(QH) 0306360 Sorrel

Real Maria

(QH) 0304644 Sorrel

Dakota Sal Bee

(QH) 306267  Chestnut

Red Buck Ace

(QH) 0067933 Dun

Lopez Eff

(QH) 0107123 Sorrel

Sweet Celebration

(APHA) 54501, Double Registered APHA/AQHA, Sorrel Overo, #1 All-Time Leading Performance Dam                              


Good Pacific

(QH) 880722  Sorrel

Pacific Bailey

(QH) 325585

Gold Pacific

(QH) 0088856 Palomino

Nell Bert McCue

(QH) 0178169 Sorrel

Lady Good Bar

(QH) 358189


(QH) 0089897 Sorrel

Little Candy Bar

(QH) 0249415 Sorrel

Jet Hope

(QH) 917641 

Jet Smooth

(QH) 481244  Chestnut

Jet Deck

(QH) 0167014 Bay

Lena's Bar

(TB) 0000008 Chestnut

Triple Hope

(QH) 474316 

Triple Chick

(QH) Three Bars

Bo's Hope

(QH) Hobo Adam

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